What we do

Building secure, reliable, scalable and maintainable software solutions is what we love to do. Following development and process best practices allows us to deliver functionality at pace.

We embrace Scrum as an agile software development framework to promote transparency around the development process and fast-feedback cycles to ensure that the built solution matches expectations.

Use of Test Driven Development paired with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment allows us to deliver new functionality with confidence.

How we can help

Delivering everything

Whether it's initial requirements gathering, system design and planning, brand new development, or additions to existing solutions; we'll deliver the entire output of the exercise.

For example, for new development, we'll follow the everything-as-code approach. By delivering builds, releases, and infrastructure as code, there's no hidden knowledge of these processes and so the delivered product can be picked up by other developers going forward.

Remaining conscious of hosting costs

We understand that cash flow is important to startups. While maintaining the ability to deliver secure, reliable and scalable solutions, we endeavour to minimise hosting costs.

For new development we'll discuss requirements and budget and determine the best solution.


While we design solutions to minimise the likelihood of problems, there's always a chance that something could go awry. For help if things do go wrong, we can offer support agreements.

To aid support for solutions delivered by us, we can introduce alerting to help identify issues when they occur and logging to help with investigation of those issues.

Fair pricing

Writing code is easy. Engineering secure, reliable and scalable solutions is hard.

We believe that we're priced competitively given the service we provide. We've also positioned ourselves at a level that means we don't have to charge VAT, benefiting cash flow conscious startups.

Let's work together

Are you a business with software development needs?

We'd love to help. Get in touch by any of the means below to get the ball rolling.