ArmA II Launcher

Launch ArmA II with addons/mods easily. Place mods into user-definable groups, where they can be easily kept track of. Turn groups of addons on or off with one click, rather than individually.

Create profiles with commonly-used sets of mods, and switch between them depending on the type of game you want to play.

Main Features:

  • Group mods together in a way that's meaningful to you.
  • Add a description or notes about each mod, ignore the cryptic folder names.
  • Customize mod load order.
  • Switch many parameters on or off with a click, such as window mode, no splash-screen, etc.
  • Run the beta, available from BI Studios here.
  • Add custom mod directories outside of the arma2 root directory, or even on another drive.


  • Server Browser, scans hundreds of ArmA2 Servers (~750 as I type this)
  • Server Filters: Server Name, Public/Private, Mission, Map, Player Count, and more...
  • Save commonly-used filter configurations to be used later.
  • Search server results for specific keywords/numbers in a particular column, or all columns.
  • Add favorite servers to a favorites list, where you can give the server a meaningful name.
  • Add favorites manually. Gives the ability to use URLs rather than IP addresses, where applicable. (i.e.: rather than
  • Get a list of players currently playing in a server, along with their current score and death count.
  • Automatically activate mods based on the server you select. You will be notified of any missing mods.
  • Host online games.

..And much more.

Download v1.0.1